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Lutheran Campus Ministry at KSU Manhattan
Photo Gallery: General Photo Gallery
General Photo Gallery
Reaching out on Campus
Viewed 24 times
Spring Break Service Retreat
Viewed 30 times
Foodbank Donation
Viewed 24 times
Campfire Worship
Viewed 19 times
Fall Festival
Viewed 24 times
Graduation Party
Viewed 2815 times
Bowling at the Union
Viewed 2805 times
Tie Dye
Viewed 2838 times
Freeze Pops!
Viewed 2917 times
Makin' S'mores
Viewed 2935 times
Ice Bowl Charity Disc Golf Tournament
Viewed 2993 times
Makin' S'mores
Viewed 2971 times
Pastor Napkinhead
Viewed 3531 times
Sunday Night Supper!
Viewed 3466 times
Donation to Food Bank
Viewed 4451 times
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